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Freeze-Dried Beat Fried - Single

Impossibility (and the Reality of the Event) - EP

released 29 September 2012

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After several months of not really releasing anything, I've released a single! It includes both Freeze-Dried Beat Fried, and, as a bonus, With Ketchup on the Side.

These are two songs from an upcoming album which will contain both this kind of music and longer vocal mixes.

Also, they're licensed under a different license than my last album, Impossibility (And the Reality of the Event), so be sure to read the license carefully and follow it.



  1. Freeze-Dried Beat Fried
  2. With Ketchup on the Side



Everything: Zippynk and MIDI

Made in Logic Express

Drums on Freeze-Dried Beat Fried are based off Hip Hop Kit Ultrabeat Sequencer


Creative Commons License
Freeze-Dried Beat Fried - Single by Nathan Krantz-Fire (Trifocal Interlude/Zippynk) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.